Friday, April 30, 2010


Finally made my compost bin!! Ive been wanting to do it for a long time but I really wanted to make a good space for it instead of building it and then having to landscape around it. Its actually a special kind of compost bin called a thermophilic compost bin. Thermophilic compost bins take a secret ingredient which Ill share in a future post, maybe even make a video out of it. Still got lots more to do on the hillside but I feel a lot more optimistic since I actually made something tangible instead of just digging all the time.

My hanging plants have actually been done for a while. I tried making a how-to video but my video editing skills suck so it was too much work. Also theres lots of how-to resources out there.

As mentioned in the video I harvested some of my lettuce and spinach. I took them to work with me and had them with some cucumber ranch. The lettuce was actually really good. Very flavorful and a very silky texture as opposed to crunchy like iceberg or romaine. Im thinking I need to get some more spinach and lettuce plants because i read that its good to have them growing close together. Need to double check that first.

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