Friday, April 23, 2010


My uncle finished working on my sister's new bike, a Suzuki GS500. It's a 1990 but we got a 2004 motor with 4,000 motor with 4,000 miles for it. It's STUPID fast. I'm kind of scared to teach people on it. My first bike was a '83 Yamaha XV500 which was nothing like this. But it was a cruiser not a sports bike. Anyways, I'm riding it for a few days just to make sure everything is running good on it. I think I'm getting attached to it. It's not as useful as my bike. But damn it sure is fun!

Not sure if you can tell in the picture but there's a pretty abrupt step. That's where I've dug it up. I've gone about a foot down. It's about good now. Just have to make it level. Trying to make it level with the ground that the deck sits on. Then I'm gonna put 4in of pea gravel down.
Ever since we lived in my house the "yard"/land has been shit. My parents never took the time to make it nice. Well technically there were a few times (in 15 years) that they did clean it up but then it went back to shit. Well now that the house is in my name I'm taking it upon myself to change all that. So I'm starting with the hillside because it's the only place that isn't covered in car engines and such. Also, my big sister started working on it over 15 years ago but without the help of my parents it never got anywhere. When I'm out digging, I still get that image of her, excited, driven, ambitious, trying to make a part of our lives a little more pleasant. Part of me is trying to help her do that.
My little sister Evelyn helped me one night. I hesitantly let her handle the pickax to break up the dirt so I could dig it. She's pretty good at it, and she really likes doing it. If I get home before she's in bed she comes and asks me what she can help me with. We make a pretty good team :)

I bought supplies months ago to get water hooked up to the clubhouse. I'm just gonna run it off the spigot that's outside the house. Most of it I could figure out but I couldn't figure out how to hook the plumbing up to the spigot. I was actually at Lowes looking for something completely different but I happened to walk by the plumbing section. An employee walked by and said "what are you looking for?". I found it odd that he didn't ask if I was looking for something. He could tell I was looking for something and was direct. I really prefer that approach. Luckily he knew exactly what I was talking about and got me set up with what I needed. This project has been on hold for over 4 months because I couldn't figure that little part out. Now in one night, it's done. Now all I have to do is hang the rest of the plumbing which is easy.

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