Sunday, May 23, 2010


My neighbor used to work in construction so he knows people that will bring him tons of concrete from demolition sites aka urbanite. So he said I could have as much as I want. I was moving it across the street in a wheelbarrow and then he pulls out his truck and told me to use it instead. I was surprised considering Ive only talked to him a few times. Im pretty stoked to be friendly with my neighbors since Ive never known any of them. Anyways, Im currently carving up the hillside where Ill use the urbanite to build retaining walls. My little sister Jordian is helping me move the urbanite up near the hillside. Every time I come in the house she wants to know if Ill be working outside and asks if she can come help. My other little sister Evelyn only seems to be interested in the garden work. To each their own I suppose :)

The broccoli is starting to get florets. It seems like the lettuce, spinach and strawberries will be ready to harvest at the same time as the broccoli. Can't wait for the feast!!

I really have no idea what Im doing with the gardening. Im simply going off what I read on blogs and see on youtube videos. Ive seen bean plants that are bushes and dont need to climb on anything. So when I got the snap peas all I did was stick them in the dirt. I noticed that some of them were looking limp and sad, but the ones in the middle were doing fine. After close inspection I saw that the ones that were doing good had little vines that were holding on to the handle of the bucket. Apparently snap peas need to have something to climb on. So I cut some pieces of old rusty fencing material we had lying around and stuck it into the dirt on the outer edges. After a few days the plants had already latched onto it and theyre really happy now. Only problem is that it seems like Im gonna have to make them hang lower because theyre getting bigger fast.

My cat Yo-yo likes to come hang out while I'm working. But a lot of times she annoys the crap out of me by begging to be held. She's an old lady but she acts like such a baby :)

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